back to article In-game messaging en-route to the PS3?

Sony may have made a slight PlayStation 3 faux pas by posting the image of a potential update to the XrossMediaBar (XMB) user interface that would give gamers access to in-game communications options. XMB_screenshot Could this icon indicate forthcoming PS3 features? The blurred image, which several sources have claimed …


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Some games already support in game messaging and voice/video chat... I'm thinking the image was withdrawn due to the wording implying all games support this feature....

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AI Course, AI Course, AI Kingdom for AI Course ....... Source Provided.

Seems like a SilverLight Clone or its Master and ITs Beta.

In such a case would, "Sony couldn’t be contacted when we went to press, ..." be perfectly normal.

And Sony leading in Web 3.0 ....... the Virtualised Environment. Enter that UnPrepared and Gung Ho and ITs Games will punish Stash and Cache/Markets and Investments Immediately and Severely. It is the new Eminent Domain Space for Prime Virtually Real EStates.

And if it is not, then it could be, Sony San.



All multi-player games should have the options for video chat, voice chat and instant messaging as standard plus online leagues.


Missing the point

PS3 already has chat in game, the article is about messaging people in game when you are not in a game. Like the Xbox 360's Dashboard


In game chat my ar5e...

Those who say messaging is built into the PS3 games are themselves missing the point!

Some games support it because the game developers themselves added it, which means if you are in one game, and your friends are in a different game or are listening to music or watching videos, they simply wont be able to talk to each other!

When Sony build it into the system itself, developers wont need to do it, and so everybody will be able to talk or video chat with anybody else on the PS3 no matter what theyre doing.

I own a PS3, I can see its shortcomings in relation to XBox Live, Les Armstrong and Anonymous Coward (above comments) are idiot PS3 fanbois who dont know what standardisation is and how important it is.

The sooner Sony bring it on the better, as the PS3 is still young.

And the same goes for the other things, like having unlimited XMB access from within games, and being able to access system settings from within Remote Play via PSP and a thousand other things I can think of.

This topic is closed for new posts.


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