back to article Red Hat talks up JBoss middleware for enterprise

Tough talking is a way of life in the airline business, a sector over-stuffed with suppliers teetering on the brink of extinction, and with a reputation for costly and poor service. Two months after plucking new chief executive James Whitehurst - a man with a self-confessed lack of direct involvement in open source software …


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It's about services stupid

Marc Fluery built what many people think was the perfect Open Source business - JBoss developed its own technology and sold deployment and support expertise on top of that.

JBoss was a 'services' business not a shrink wrap license (or subscription) business.

You've now got essentially a license shifting business (Red Hat) trying to up sell the commercially licensed version JBoss with little evident internal resource to justify the subscription fee.

It's well known that lots of good commercial and technical people from JBoss left after the Red Hat acquisition.

Just because Red Hat has built a successful subscription-based business around RHEL doesn't mean they can do the same with JBoss.

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Craig Muzilla?

I was going to, but that would be too easy and leave me feeling cheap and dirty.

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