back to article Trolltech delivers Qt WebKit

Cross-platform tools specialist Trolltech has updated its popular Qt framework by integrating the WebKit browser engine. The move opens up the possibility of easy transfer of popular web applications such as Google Earth and iTunes to millions of mobile devices, particularly Nokia handsets that support WebKit. It also broadens …


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No background?

It's interesting that the author didn't mention the "full circle" nature of this development.

Qt is the toolkit of choice for the KDE desktop. Back in the day KHTML was a library that was used for HTML rendering in KDE and which made had several Qt classes etc. Apple forked KHTML to make WebKit and KHTML kinda dies a slow death. Qt have now ported WebKit back to Qt (thanks to a more open Apple in recent times it seems). This now means that KDE4 will have WebKit which means KHTML has gone full circle via Apple to get to KDE4.

I notice it's already been put to good use in Amarok 2 development version :)

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