back to article NetApp SnapManager blows VMware a virtual kiss

Network Appliance is giving its SnapManager software a virtualized twist and introducing automated storage provisioning along with a handful of product and service announcements today. The company is also expanding its de-duplication wares to primary storage in V-Series and MultiStore systems with an upgrade of NetApp's OnTap …


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Anonymous Coward

HDS claim is ambiguous

"NetApp is on the "post-processing" side of de-duplication, which removes redundant data after it is written to the disk. It's the flip side of the "inline" technique (as seen in HDS's boxes announced yesterday) that de-dupes before it's sent to backup."

This seems an ambiquous statement.

The statement does not indicate that HDS dedups primary data before it is written to primary disk. It just indicates that the data is dedup as it is archived.

NetApp can dedup primary data before it is replicated or archived.

It can also dedup archived data if primary is not dedup'd.

More flexibility than what HDS appears to offer.

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