back to article SkypeFinds another security snafu

Skype has patched a flaw involving its SkypeFind feature. But the security researcher who discovered the flaw said the VoIP platform remains exposed to cross-zone scripting vulnerabilities, like the latest SkypeFind bug and an earlier flaw involving movie files. SkypeFind lets users recommend businesses, or post reviews, to …


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PSP Skype?

Shit, there's me upping my PSP console to firmware v3.90.

(Sony added Skype to 3.90).

I would wager these bugs dont apply to the PSP version tho but you never know - a specially crafted cross platform capable buffer overflow or whatever? With cherries on top?

My PSP could become a zombie-bot!!

Paris Hilton

Not unsurprising

Not unsurprising given as to who wrote the original programs for Kazaa way back when and the need for NSA to have a few back doors and windows open !

As Paris would say beware of Geeks bearing gifts of Trojan horses !

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