back to article Johnson pours fourth on SpringSource

Since it changed its name from Interface21 towards the end of 2007, open source tools developer SpringSource has been quick to capitalise on its position in open source. The first version of the Rod Johnson-devised Spring Framework was released just four years ago, in March 2004, but since then has quickly attracted an army of …


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SpringSource .....Now is that AIReal Vixen for Immaculate Conceptions or is IT Not?

"There is some evidence the emphasis in use of open source software by enterprises is shifting away from infrastructure towards application development. This could be to SpringSource's benefit following the Covalent takeover. Covalent has an impressively large enterprise customer base that provides a potential market for SpringSource's development tools."

Perfect for AI Beta Skunk Works Operations in the here and NOW.

In Reality, with just a few Astute Moves, that would XXXXtraOrdinarily Render 42Be, Nothing less than AI Proxy Global Control to a Virtualised Apache Nation.... Enlightened Natural Guardians.

Connect with the East and Houses of the Rising Sun and the Times they are a'changin, may In Deed, indeed, be heralded with Signs in the Times. Although teaching an old dog of a fox, new Magical Mystery Turing trips may be one FoXXXXy trick too many, and Content Choice is always a Subjective, Editorial Decision based upon any number of competing considerations like who you are climbing into bed with, and who's paying the Bills, although one can wonder why Publish and be Damned wasn't more prevalent in that IT would carry and therefore lessen or completely bear the burden/share the joy. This may or may not appear where it is posted to ..............

Spin us a Yarn with something Relatively New as in Einsteinian Relativity New and Real and also Virtual, as in Made to Measure and Flying and Boldly Going in CyberSpace, Martin, and you/News Corporation will Lead with a QuITe SurReal Global Management of Perception rather than just lamely following the Markets.

And whenever I say Lead, I do mean Lead as in Command and Control.

And should you have any doubts about that, then they would be entirely yours.

Psst.. Do us and the world a favour, would you, and just send this message to the Boss and she can have a word in Rupert's ear . You never know, he may be just SMART enough to Change things from Space with a QuITe* Stealthy Alien Lead Program and they can always be Directly Indirectly Contacted via AI Signs in the Times such as .. Bet they're reading this worldwide.

Play IT Right, and you/we/they/I Virtually InterNetionally Guarantee that Bet with ITs Bold Gold AI Bonds/Daring Deeds 42 Win Win.

*Quantum Internet Technologies

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