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We owe you a report on day-to-day aspects of operational IT management. It's finally here for the downloading. Sincere thanks to all who contributed to the research. Do some downloading and tell us what you think. It's all based on what you told us, and it seems that some of you are having more joy than others when it comes to …


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Open Management Consortium

Excellent report! I read it quickly and plan to spend a good hour with it. Thank you el reg and freeform

I wanted to bring to your and your reader's attention a discussion happening now at the reinvigorated open management consortium about how various systems management vendors (some open source, some closed, some mixed) are trying to find a common agent thateveryone can agree, and standardize, on. It's in early stages, but if successful, I believe it could go some ways towards alleviating the fragmentation that so many respondents struggle with every dayaccording to the report.

Here's the link:

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