back to article Nikon's D60 digital SLR blows in - literally

Nikon’s blown the dust off its digital SLR (DSLR) camera range and introduced the D60, a snapper with an internal airflow mechanism to keep your shots crystal clear. D60_side Nikon's D60: blowing out the cobwebs Dubbed the Airflow Control System, it pulls air from within the mirror box towards a series of small ducts that …


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Dead Vulture

Boohoo, big deal - Nikon, as usually, is very late (5 years) to the party - in fact the LAST ONE...

...because Olympus introduced the first built-in Supersonic Wave Filter dust-off system ~5 years ago, in 2003's E1 if I recall correctly.

Sony's (ex-Konica-Minolta) first DSLR, the A100 came out in Summer 2006 and featured similar dust removal filtering.

Pentax followed suit with K10 as well as Canon with 400D/Rebel XTi, both arrived in Fall 2006.

Nikon, as always, lacks way behind even in implementing a known technology, let alone actually inventing something - but, of course, PR touts it if something big has happened... not.


Sensor cleaning just a gimmick

It's a shame Nikon has felt the need to copy other camera manufacturers gimmicks rather than add something that would actually be useful.

If you change lenses a lot you're still going to need to blow dust off the sensor occasionally, and if you're an amateur who never/hardly ever changes lenses then it's completely useless!

Only a very slight step-up from the D40X really; the new lenses however are of much more interest.

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