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The Identity and Passport Service has denied that fingerprints could be dropped from the National Identity Register. It has dismissed a report in The Observer, based on a leaked document, that claimed plans to assess the costs for different groups of people point to the plan for a fingerprint register being dropped. "It's a …


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Business??? Individuals?

"By linking fingerprints to a secure database with strict rules outlining its use, the National Identity Scheme will allow individuals, business, and the state to prove identity more securely,"

Wait, so your going to open the ID database to private businesses and individuals to verify our IDs? Are you f***ing kidding me? So McDonalds will have access to my private biometric ID and fingerprints??? And Microsoft will be able to go have a gander in there? And every little company with their parking scams will take a look? And Joe from the Video store, and my mate Bob will have access?

Are you going to open this up to non UK businesses too? So any government will get their fake front company to go sign up for this data?

Are you serious? It no good blaming 'internationals' it was Bush and Blair that pushed these enhancements, and a lot of that was out of fear of their own populations.

There is no way in this earth that that approach can possibly be compatible with the right of privacy. None.


I vote for....

"secure database" as governmental oxymoron of the year.

<quote>"By linking fingerprints to a secure database with strict rules outlining its use, the National Identity Scheme will allow individuals, business, and the state to prove identity more securely, conveniently and efficiently while protecting personal information from abuse," he said.</quote>

What a load of bollox - they had strict rules when the HMRC db was lost.

Oh yeah and how's the Id scheme going to stop illegal immigrants and terrorists, can't see them queuing up to be biometrificated.

Is there any way to get rid of this government now before any more money is wasted on this cloud cuckoo-land I.T white elephant?

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Now when a cute woman accepts a drink from me all I have to do is swipe the glass, use one of many inevitable weaknesses in the ID database and I have her name, address and star sign! Perfect!

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He missed out one word ...

"He also described as "entirely wrong" reports of plans to ..."

The only error there was to miss out one word: "yet"


Bwuh ?

"The ID card will need to meet international standards for travel documents"

No, it wont, because *we'll still have passports*.

Well, in a sane world.

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Strict rules?

So the access criteria under their "strict rules" reads as follows then:

"If you're not an individual, a business or the state you won't be able to access it".

I suppose it rules out the obvious "world + dog" comment, as the dog doesn't seem to qualify here.


ACL as follows:

(X in this case is eXtradite)

US entities (businesses, persons, government agencies): RWX

Media Companies wanting to sue for copyright: RWX

Other businesses that lubricate us with money: RW

Oil Suppliers (including Iran and Saudi): RW(X) (X is illegal to report about)

UK Law enforcement: R--

EU Law enforcement: ---

Sure. It protects privacy. It protects the privacy of politicians not wanting to be humiliated by inconvenient facts like the truth.

Muppets. All of them.


function creep

the ePass with biometric photo (64kb jpeg)was designed to ICAO standards for international travel, and the <flash> <bold> <lime green> COMING IN 2009 ePass </flash etc> with photo + 10 fingerprints (another 25kb of data approx) is being designed with extended access control crypto, to ICAO standards.

the UK national ID card, is being designed to which standards? dunno, but as many EU and EFTA countries' ID cards allow cross border travel then its quite likely that the UK's ID could allow travel. IPS's always been a bit fuzzy exactly what it might do.

the main function creep is that the ePass ICAO standards are ISO14443 A&B, but now the similar Sony FeliCa, Philips etc NFC (near field communications = RFID in old speak) interests group who include RFID credit-cards are proposing to merge NFC and ISO14443 such that anywhere with a credit card reader would be also able to process *some* data from an ePass or eID, (maybe not the whole stack) to be defined....

micropay for your next tankfull of petrol/gas with an NFC CC and verify this transaction with an NFC ePass or eID. seems logical.

"Where is your eID, Citizen?" asked the CCTV as you wandered by....


@ Business??? Individuals?

"Wait, so your going to open the ID database to private businesses"

I'm sure some minister (probably now re-assigned to the Falklands) called it "tiered access". The DVLC is already doing it so why not expand the scheme and enhance all our lives and not just those lucky drivers.

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