back to article Stellar EMC fails to impress investors . . . again

EMC did its usual double-digit thing during the fourth quarter. The storage maker knocked revenue higher by 19 per cent to $3.83bn. It also kicked net income 35 per cent higher to $525.7m. Oh, and, EMC generated $712m in cash during the quarter - a 78 per cent year-over-year hike. What else can you ask for? Well, apparently …


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Consumer Products

My money is on 2008 as the year of the EMC consumer product line. It's been coming for a long time and rumor has it they've got a plan. I expect they'll pull a Cisco and buy another storage vendor and put their name on it.

Over the next five years you will see EMC move towards SSD products for high-end applications and traditional HDD products for SMB and consumers.

I'm looking forward to my overpriced emCGate drives.

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Here's a Lifeline

Read el Reg more carefully, go Google for LifeLine and maybe Retrospect too.

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Holywood NI does Hollywood CA ......... Spooksville for Virtual Grown Ups

"Know something more about Maui and Hulk? Do write. We're intrigued."


Sounds like nothing more than a Sun SPOT clone/wannabe/copycat unless they can lead with some Original Planning which would be Enlightened Content.

My Solomon money would be on the Team best enabled when Skunk Works and Military Industrial machines works for them rather than against them. That way, they'll all fly light years ahead of any Opposition.

And all that takes is some Astute NEUKlearer Code leakage/Collateral EMP Irradiation/Money Access Codes Shared via First Principles Methodology which is Original Cracking Good Code rather than any Hack or Crack into Proprietary Codes. At those stages of the Game, and in and on those Stages of the Great Game, to consider anything Proprietary would be considered by Players to be an Affront and Proof Positive of No Fitness for Future Purpose..... which would be to render the Affront as a Virus for Purging from IT Future Systems.

Which would be entirely to be expected in any New Major Minor Starring Control System. One does expect that that is always a Business's Goal with ITs IntelAIgently Designed AIMs.

And Paris because Debbie is MIA...... and away past her sell by date.


Stock price is not based on past performance

It's based on future performance.

VMWare's expected drop in growth, the recession and the inability of EMC's largest customers (eg. banks) to purchase refreshes for large DMX systems will weigh on the company in 2008.

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