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Alex Kingston of ER and Moll Flanders fame will guest in a Steven Moffat penned two-parter in series four of Doctor Who. The Beeb describes her role as "a mysterious character who meets The Doctor on an expedition to uncover the secrets of an abandoned library", and she'll be joined for the adventure by James Bond regular …


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  1. Nick Palmer
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    Excellent news!

    Yippee! She's a VERY fine actress, excellent addition.

  2. Nick


    I'm more pleased that Steven Moffat is writing it, he's done most of my favourite Doctor Who episodes: Blink (with the statues) and The Empty Child (the kid with the gas mask face)

  3. Jolyon Ralph


    Anyone who keeps Russell T. Davies away from writing scripts has got to be a good thing.

  4. Anonymous Coward

    Hooray for Moffat

    It is nice that Steve Moffat has done the best episodes in Doctor Who, while Russel T Davies has done some of the worst episodes. The less Russel T is involved, the better :)

  5. Ian Rogers

    But which "English" accent will she use?

    Hooray, the more Steven Moffat the better!

    "Alex Kingston of ER and Moll Flanders"

    Personally I remember her more for the fully "fleshed out" character in Essex Boys.

    Like Peri, she has a couple of things going for her ;-)

    (yes, I'm just a giggling school-boy and mine's coat with the really long scarf please)

  6. Lloyd
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    Alex Kingston = Good, Steven Moffat = Great, Colin Salmon = Bleeding Excellent.

  7. Simon Painter
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    And, let's face it, at least there is considerably less chance of gratuitous homosexuality in an episode which is not written by Russel Tea Lady. Torchwood jumped the shark after the first episode but has now sunk to new lows in the second series with everything being centered around just how gay Captain Jack is each week, they could rename it "Queer as Alien Folk".

    Incidentally, it would be more newsworthy if there are any actors who are *not* in series 4 of Doctor Who.

  8. Nic Brough


    Now lets all hope she crowds out Catherine "Am I boring" Tate.

    Seriously though, she's an excellent actress, and I'm glad Moffat has been chosen to write it - he seems able to bring out the best in his actors, and not only because his scripts are so good.

  9. Rob
    Paris Hilton

    Danger Will Robinson! Danger!

    As much as I love both Dr Who and Torchwood, they're both in danger of becoming a bit of a luvvie-fest at the moment. Give some young unknowns a chance!

  10. Dave

    Moffat Rocks

    Steven Moffat writing for Dr Who - Good Thing

    Billie Piper coming back - Questionable thing.

    Part of the big problem that I have with Martha Jones, was that Rose Tyler was still in the story. She was mentioned in every episode of the last series. Martha was very much in her shadow. We were never allowed to forget about Rose being the Doctor's love interest, and Martha just become the rebound shag that stuck around.

    She was just someone for the Doctor to explain stuff to. Her 2 moments of Heroism were: Giving the Doctor a Pocket Watch (on -screen) and uniting the entire human race following a year long trek of the planet amid considerable danger (Off-Screen AND between episodes)

    Dave's First Law of SF states "Any thespian made popular by a SF show, and leaving said SF show for "bigger things" will fail. " (cf Will Wheaton, Denise Crosby, David Duchovny, the blond haired woman from Babylon 5, Claudia Christian, Michael Shanks)

    Dave's Second Law of SF states: "Any thespian made popular by a SF show, and leaving said SF show for "bigger things" and then returning to aforementioned SF show will cause said SF show to fail."(cf David Duchovny, Michael Shanks)

    Dave's Third Law of SF states "Any SF show with Male and Female leads in a non-intimate relationship will fail when Fan pressure forces the 2 characters to become intimate for a non-plot reason." (X Files v Spaced, Babylon 5)

  11. Gerrit Tijhof


    Keep Moffat for Dr Who, please let Torchwood not be cancelled so Davies will be occupied and leave Dr Who allone!

    Yes, the blue coat and the clogs please.

  12. Michael H.F. Wilkinson Silver badge

    But the big question is:

    who will be the Librarian?


  13. Graham Bartlett

    No RTD, thank god

    Please, keep RTD away from scripts!

    Like Gene Roddenbury with Star Trek, he deserves credit for keeping the thing alive. But like Gene Roddenbury with Star Trek, he should have his hands amputated if he so much as touches a script, because he clearly can't write worth a damn.

  14. Lupus
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    All I can say is, when I saw the name Moffat, I did what this icon does.

    And really, what else needs to be said?

  15. Anonymous Coward
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    Yay Moffat! Boo RTD!

    Steven Moffat should be the script editor - RTD shot his lot creatively with the Eccleston season and should have left on a high. Not sure about Rose coming back though. If she's gone then she's gone and that should be that. Bring back Sarah Jane in leather trousers!

  16. Graham Marsden


    ... Alex Kingston, great though she was in ER, won't be using the "accent" she used whilst playing Boudicca!

  17. Ed Gould

    re: Moffet

    Now now get over your gay angst and go out and kiss your boss.

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