back to article Sony denies Euro, US white PS3 plan despite FCC filing

Sony has talked down rumours that the white PlayStation 3 is on its way to North America and/or Europe, despite the company filing suggestive documents with the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC). White_PS3 Sony's white PS3: already available in Japan The documents were filed with the FCC by Sony Computer …


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How appropriate...

Sony's white elephant.

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Who cares

Wow, does that mean it will be faster.


Well - theres a surprise...

Wow - not that it actually matters, but yet another case of 'Japan yes, Europe no'.

I suppose its not too bad though, as if they did release one for the European Market, it'd probably be inferior. I reckon it'd be crudely painted with white undercoat and called the 'Sony streaky-white PS3'. Whats more, they'd probably try and sell it for another £50 as a limited edition...

Sony keep giving me reasons not to buy their new console...


erm.. you guys Sony-haters??

Guessing so. And all this about "Japan - yes, EU - no" is bull.. What about the Skype add-on for the PSP? heh, Japan No, EU yes...

FFS, it's a white case.. who cares.. really?!


Sony Haters...

Well, as the owner of a PS1, PS2 and PSP and many other items of Sony equipment, I never used to be.

However, the way their console division has operated over the last couple of years means I now refuse to buy Sony consoles.

Re: The Skype add-on for the PSP - well done on that, fair enough. I applaud your sole item in the defence of Sony.

However, what you fail to mention is that the Skype add-on is only for the Slim and Lite PSPs and not the older models that early adopters (like myself) own. This, despite the fact that the older PSPs are well capable of Skype and there are already homebrew applications out there.

Now, just one 'non-bull' reason why Japan is favoured over Europe:

15 March 2006 - SCE in the form of Ken Kutaragi announces PS3 will recieve a simultaneous worldwide release in early November 2006.

11 November 2006 - 60gb PS3 released in Japan, equipped with hardware based backwards compatibility. Retails at 59,980 yen, (approx $492).

17 November 2006 - 60gb PS3 released in USA, equipped with hardware based backwards compatibility. Retails at $499.

23 March 2007 - Cut-down 60gb PS3 released in Europe, equipped with no hardware based compatibility (software only). Retails at £425 in the UK, (approx $872), and 599 Euros elsewhere, (approx $827).

Therefore, Europe is made to wait 5 months for PS3s and when they are finally released, they're inferior AND overpriced. Those looking to import a model through websites such as Lik-Sang have limited success, as Sony put Lik-Sang out of business.

Despite there being stocks available for Europe at the launch date, these are quickly purloined for the Japanese & US markets, (obviously considered to be more important).

This is just one example of why I no longer buy Sony, (despite being a bit of a fanboy in the past). I am just one of many who feel this way.

Oh, and if you did read my original comment, you might notice that I did mention 'Not that it actually matters'. Meaning I actually couldn't care less about the colour of the console...


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