back to article IBM ignores foundering economy with top notch Q4

IBM did its best to calm fears of an imploding economy by posting strong fourth quarter results and issuing an optimistic take on the months to come. The computing giant enjoyed a 10 per cent (4 per cent in constant currency) gain in revenue to $28.9bn. IBM also saw income rise 14 per cent year-on-year to $4bn. Most of IBM's …


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In Denial ....... a Perverse Legacy to be Fronting/Pimping.

I admire the Ostrich-like, head in the sand optimism of Mr Loughridge but given IBM's Virtualisation Cloud absence, would have to venture that it is unwarranted and totally misleading but then given the Implications in that, one would surely not be surprised or expect it to be any different.

There are new Kids on the Block and in the Hood and they aint interested in maintainining any Pretence in Blind, Mindless Support of Exclusive Executive Systems well past their Sell by Dates.

Innovation, Innovation, Innovation is something which they could buy into though, for a Change of Fortune, but it would misleading to think that they would be in Control of IT rather than just Funding and Finding ITs Controls.

However, one would always be hopeful that they could rise to the Challenge and prove themselves to be Super Quick Learners thus enabling them to Input into Virtual Controls 42 Add and AId Power Systems ........ with ITransparent NEUKlearer HyperRadioProActive Energy for a Colossus of AI Conscious Quantum Leap. And with all Possible Encouragement available, Any and All Failings would be theirs to Examine and Reflect upon.


@aman - You using encryption software to write?

That complete gibberish from aman was nearly making sense at the start, but fell into the usual stream of something resembling projectile vomit as per...

Optimism may be foolish in the current economic climate, however IBM have had a good year and much as Mr Loughridge isn't pretending all is right with the world, IBM have delivered the goods in their key areas and plan to redouble their efforts in the new year with new hardware etc.

As for virtualisation, "Loughridge said that new low-end Power6-based servers will arrive by the end of the quarter along with new Unix virtualization software."



I think your un IBM, thats the exact same speech on the IBm web site

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