back to article Samsung SGH-G800 5Mp cameraphone

Samsung has put itself in the frame as a serious cameraphone contender with the SGH-G800, a five-megapixel cameraphone sporting a 3x optical zoom plus face-detection and autofocus technology. Samsung SGH-G800 mobile phone Samsung's SGH-G800: a serious contender? Samsung has already hit the five-megapixel cameraphone mark …


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Thank goodness, a proper (non video) review

Some sample pics would have been nice though (to see how good the optical zoom is). I wouldn't mind seeing a video of the phone in operation (but in addition, not instead of) - just to see how responsive it is.

"Unusually for a cameraphone, the G800 has an anti-shake image stabilisation option" - I have this on my K800i which is an obsolete phone

"Then there’s the timer and macro mode to choose from, plus a red-eye reduction option in the flash menu. That’s no bad set of options for a phone." - again I have this on my K800i which is an obsolete phone

Still, I don't want to complain too much in case we end up with style over substance and head down the "video only review" route again...

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The camera is crap

Just sent one of these back today, as the camera is useless in the situations you are most likely to use a camera phone, i.e. indoors with poor lighting with the camera settings on auto (the flash just does not help either) - and it had a tendency to switch off auto at will.

OK to be fair if you've never used a Sony Ericsson K750, K800, etc you might like the Samsung G800 camera, but in comparison they beat it easily.

If this had been a Sony I'd have waited for a firmware upgrade, but I could see little evidence on the Samsung support site that such updates were common. So back it's gone - remarkable how all the media reviews of this phone are singing it's praises, enough to make one wonder uncharitable thoughts.

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can the MP3 player handle more than 20 tracks? the e900 couldn't and that was pretty recent. Also, have they started supporting phones after sale yet? firmware update anyone? warranty voided, you lose!!

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