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Linux specialists a la Mobile has demonstrated Google's Android platform running on a mobile phone handset, an HTC Qtek 9090, and explained how a development house might make money from Android. Getting the Android code to execute on a handset is technically challenging. Even though Boston-based a la Mobile was beaten to the …


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Do Get Your Facts Right!

"The expectation has been that third-party companies would spring up to supply those, but until now there has been little evidence of that."

No, and if you read the copious news articles, you'll see that none are expected until late spring / summer.

It seems a tad churlish to sneer at something that was only ever supposed to happen in your own imagination.

But hey, don't let the facts get in the way of a boring story!!


Nokia and Google

I am amazed the Fins haven't sort out a deal to produce the handset!

Think about it.....Nokia need to make a handset atleast as good as the iPhone! and if its not as tactile it better function well......Android (if you believe the hype!)

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