back to article Intel pitches low-cost PC platform at Eee PC rivals

Expect a flood of Eee PC-style cheapo mini laptops in Q3 when Intel sends out its 45nm 'Diamondville' processor to computer makers. Diamondville plugs into 'Shelton', The chip giant's low-cost PC platform. We first reported on Shelton and Diamondville back in November 2007, and then the emphasis was firmly on ultra-compact …


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I want a picture of Andy Grove, naked and a-beachin', with that, ta!

Anonymous Coward

low cost subnotes ?

I want to see low cost subnotebooks with grown up keyboards and a 12" wide display (1024 x 600 or 1280 x 768). Save money by going Linux, ditching the DVD and HDD, get rid of useless touchpads, no PC Card slot, etc...

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low cost?

Where to start.

1280x768 on a 12" screen? I used to be able to work with something like that around 10 years ago. Eyesight degrades with age you know. Personally, I reckon 1024 across is getting a shade too aggressive at 12", but it is at least usable.

Ditch the HDD to *save* money? Yeah, right. SSDs are sooo much cheaper, aren't they.

Grown up keyboard? On a *sub* notebook? I take it that you're expecting the Time Lords to design the casing then?

Ditch the touchpad? Yeah, 'cos using a mouse on your thigh is really handy and they're such fun to carry around.

Lose the DVD? ...and you've listed widescreen screen resolutions why exactly? Fun come O/S upgrade time as well.

No PC Card slot? Well, that just lost you the mobile, as in wireless on-the-move via the mobile networks, sales.

You haven't got the moon on a stick by any chance?

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What to leave out?

1.8" drives are up to 160Gb and they're lower power than 2.5"

Do we actually need an onboard optical drive?

Do we actually need an external PCMCIA slot if there's enough USB and internal PC Card spaces?

I'd be happy with 1024 width which means a 10-12" display.

But mainly we need to get it all cheaper.

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