back to article Sony Ericsson touts talker trio

Sony Ericsson has gone on the handset offensive and launched two music-orientated handsets, alongside an extra clamshell just for luck. SE_760 W760 when open The W760 slider and W350 both fall under its Walkman brand and include many of the established musical features from its existing handsets, such as TrackID and Mega …


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Sony Ericsson Update Service warning

Be warned that Sony Ericsson's Update Service caused the phone function of my w900i to not work. In desperation, I did the updates over 10 times using 4 different computers with numerous phone resets - all to no avail. Phone calls can only be done using the wired handsfree kit. I am not sure if this will happen to anyone else but I wished I knew of this before I did my beloved w900i in.

To prevent this from happening to you, let Sony Ericsson do the update for you. Don't try this on your own. The hotline chap I spoke to asked me if I have read the disclaimer on the update service screen. That was as far as I got with their service. Of course, I could pay $40 for them to look at my phone, then another $100 to have them fix it, including 3 hours of waiting at the counter and one week's loss of use.

Must as I liked the phone, but using it as a walkman is not cool. So after 3 months of looking for some kind Sony Ericsson service staff and using my old Nokia in the interim, I took the plunge and traded the w900i for a Nokia N95 8G.

I have 20 years of IT software development under my belt and I think I know how to do a software update correctly. But no amount of experience can help me get Sony Ericsson's software to work on a Sony Ericsson phone.

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