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Your plastic pal who's fun to be with. WowWee's Tribot is a 'cartoon character come to life...' Can't see the video? Download Flash Player from CES on Video WowWee wheels in Tribot DisplayLink demos multi-monitor USB dongle Guitar Hero gets true air axe WowWee demos FemiSapien robotrix Eye-Fi pitches camera- …


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  1. Chris Collins

    bag of shite

    It's about 2 minutes of its nasal whining before I want to smash the thing into pieces. Plus, it's shit.

  2. Haku

    First degree toastercide

    WowWee have just made the toy equivilant of Talkie Toaster.

    In houses all over the world it'll end up in the garbage bin in three thousand separate pieces, because of accidents involving a fourteen pound lump-hammer.

  3. Geoff Webber


    yeah right ...... as if a silly plastic toy on three wheels is going to stop kids coming onto my bedroom. Johnny Wilkinson will send it into orbit for 3 points.

    The last thing with 3 wheels that I had fun with was a reliant robin and that was 35 years ago !!!!

  4. Trygve Henriksen

    The wheels...

    Is the ONLY reason to ever buy this one, and that saaumes that you're a hobby roboticist with just enough skill to put together a small robot, but not enough to build wheels like that.(That's a bl**dy narrow gap)

    I have the original Robosapiens, and that lame Aibo-copy they made.

    The Robosapiens I bought because I figured that I could hack it and put in a decent uController(preferably a Propeller), but the quality of the important bits was so awful that it jsut ended up on the shelf(time to donate it to a garage sale), and the doggie... will be put out of its misery as soon as I find a big enough sledge...

    Those guys COULD have had decent products, but everything seems to be made 'just well enough to impress granparents'...

  5. David S


    Can't say I'm tempted, to be honest, although I do like the way its little wheels work. Could be potential applications there. Shame the first-gen incarnation is so annoying, though.

  6. Anonymous Coward

    An issue that could be easily fixed, but wasn't. Why?

    I kind of like it. but the voice sucks. I liek the idea of versatility, user modification. Which it doesn't have. All opinion aside the product appears to have a real issue with the remote. He had to hold it directly in front of the robot and even then at times it didn't appear to immediately get the signal. Infrared should have been banned years ago. this is a perfect example of when not to use it. They need to hire a few more Industrial Designers to work with the Engineers. It's an issue that could be easily fixed, but wasn't. Why?

  7. Player_16
    Gates Horns

    If this comes out...

    ...will it have regional accents -like English or Australian or South African accent? Is that too much to ask? I hate going into a toy (or any type of) shop and hearing that perfect, 'yanky' accent emanating from those thinks.

    Like the wheels though.

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