back to article Ofcom's radio carve-up could cut out mesh

Ofcom has published the first of its consultation documents looking at how Spectrum Usage Rights (SURs) are going to work in the real world, and the future looks bad for mesh networks with their lack of centralised control. The document is a follow-up to the Ofcom statement on SURs, published last December, and represents a …


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No Go Area ..... You are now Entering Free NISpace*

"Ofcom states they'd be interested in hearing suggestions of how a mesh could be shown to conform to the SUR, if an operator applies for a change of use to deploy a mesh - but it's interesting to see how the open, flexible model can throw up its own technical limitations."

If the Mesh Operand permitted Ofcom an hors d'oeuvre of ITs transmissions/proposed programs, it would be shown to conform to the SUR. As to whether it would initially comply, would be an exercise for them both ensure was Mutually Beneficial.

Cutting out the mesh, would be divisive and unhelpful, as it would render Ofcom, by that default, a lonely, sole Control. Anathema to Mesh Operands.

*Network InterNetworking Space with Beta Controls.

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Tha Alligator Problem.

This has always been a fundamental wobbliness with mesh networks. So long as everyone plays nice they work, but the 'hidden station' [you-can-hear-me-but-I-can't-hear-you] and "alligator" [I'll ramp-up my power and become selectively-deaf to get better throughput by denying you your slot] issues are still unsolved.


Did not do so much reacherch on this one did you?

Mesh networks are flexible- the whole point behind them. Not saying anyone is going to make any big investments. Mesh is better at lowering costs than bleeding people dry.

More info here it might not be the best but you can get the idea: They already have traffic shaping and membership arrangements etc set up.

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