back to article Panasonic unveils web-enabled Plasma TVs

Panasonic claims to have created the industry’s first internet-enabled plasma TVs, part of its Viera range of displays. The PZ850 includes 46in, 50in, 58in and 65in models, each providing direct access to the internet. Panasonic said that the introduction of IPTV gives telly-lovers access to an endless stream of internet …


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I fail to be impressed

WHY does it need internet capability? Haven't they learned that the lack of decent upgradeability and horrible controls spell doom for set-top web boxes? WebTV has already gone the way of the dodo. Let it die! Just get a cheap PC and hook it up with DVI->HDMI, then use a wireless keyboard & mouse - you'll get all the functionality and more!

Also, the bit about 'gamer mode' is utter BS. Synchronization does not reduce lag; quicker image processing, or less image processing and quicker painting to the screen, reduces lag.

This smacks of putting worthless bloat in the hardware to ramp up the cost by implying that it is actually capable of doing these things well, while in fact it is no better than the competitor's model (and defunct WebTV).

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