back to article Naomi Campbell chews fat with Hugo Chavez

Battling Streatham clotheshorse Naomi Campbell has quite magnificently conducted an interview with Venezuelan prez Hugo Chavez, in which the latter predictably railed against the US and concluded that Camilla Duchess of Cornwall is "not as attractive" as the sainted Diana, Queen of Hearts™. Campbell jetted to the sun-kissed …


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  1. Chris Williams
    Paris Hilton


    I just wanted to be first with the predictable musing over how Paris Hilton's interview with George Bush will come across in next month's issue?

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Black Helicopters

    Obvious assignation poly

    I see another attempt to knock off a South American leader has gone badly I hear there next plan is to get Hugo to be adopted by Brittney Spears.

  3. Tanuki
    Thumb Down

    Two losers...

    Chavez and Campbell - two loons who truly deserve each other - a horrible contagion like herpes and chlamydia.

    Meantime, on Planet Normal - we go shopping!

  4. Rick Brasche
    Black Helicopters

    was she disarmed before the interview?

    divested of all Blackberries, perhaps? For all Wacko Chavez knows, she coulda been another CIA wetworks op planning on terminating the million AK47-buying "peaceful" dictator with a skillfully placed PDA...

    What would Q Branch have to say about this, considering her best work was with completely unmodified devices...HMSS woulda added pop out blades or something.

    Black Helicopters chosen cuz that's how mysterious American assassins show up in Hugo's delusions.

  5. heystoopid
    Paris Hilton

    Sounds like

    Sounds like she is what she will always be and always remain a complete adherent to the "peter principle" as wankers by their very nature can never change spots no matter how much window dressing you give them !

    At least in one aspect her trip to down under in Oz not all that long ago left such a lasting impression , I believe she was told to her face as she was leaving "now don't come back because no one in this country will ever again put up with your temper tantrums and extortionate no work fees and her agency rep was also told in no uncertain terms we don't like the wankers you send us as pretend has been faded super models either now go before we decide to feed you to the Bondi Sharks "

    The boys in Oz call a spade how they see it to their face unlike other wankers in other countries that use a bucket full of knives when one's back is turned !

    Me thinks Paris is far smarter then her any day of the week !

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    what is wrong with Hugo?

    Hes done more good than most leaders.

  7. Chris G Silver badge

    Go Hugo

    Chavez is another example of US media management. He is painted as a looney and ridiculed because he is one of the national leaders in the world to tell the yanks to go screw themselves when they tried to tell him how much money he wanted for his own oil. Just because he doesn't conform to western notions of diplomatic behaviour he gets bad press as with Juan Carlos telling him to shut up because he slagged off two Spanish presidents and called them fascists. he is entitled to his own opinion and Spain is generally in cahoots with the UK and US so Chavez is entitled to a little antipathy towards them. An acquaintance of mine has a business in Venezuela and has met Chavez on more than one occasion, he has only good things to say . so don't trust all you read in the western press about world leaders who are putting the interests of their own countries before the interests of the US and it's arse licking allies, at the end of the day it is not about democracy, freedom of speech or anything else the so called leaders of the free world bleat on about, it's about MONEY.

  8. Wayne
    Thumb Down

    Sure, it's about the money...

    @Chris G

    Please do some reading and actual business before you go spouting your excreta. Venezuela's agricultural industry is collapsing, and the availability of food and resources are spotty at best. You're lucky if you have any sort of money and haven't had your offices 'donated' to the gov't. (Which my company just went through. Yes, gentlemen with rifles greeted our local workforce and told them that they work for the gov't now.)

    It's circling the drain... Like a lot of places it might hang out there for a while, esp while bolstered by high oil prices, but either the gov't will change or it will be flushed.

  9. Jena
    Thumb Down

    Chris G is just as stupid as Naomi and Hugo put together!

    Dear Chris G,

    Why don't you take Wayne's advice and do some research[excised by Reg moderator]. Have you ever even stepped foot in Venezuela? Its so easy for you to jump to whatever conclusions you can just cause you are against the states, and you heard from another dumbass that has a business in Venezuela that Chavez is a great guy. [Excised by Reg moderator.] I am from Venezuela and I can not even count how many people have been detained, put in jail, and innocent citizens speaking their so called "free opinion" that have been exiled from Venezuela just because they do not agree with Chavez. He gives money to every other country EXCEPT Venezuela. Do you even know how dangerous it has become? Of course the poor people like Chavez, because they have nothing left but hope. But in the end he still has not given them ANYTHING.

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