back to article Tiscali to go mobile in 2008

Tiscali is set to relaunch the Toucan Mobile brand it acquired as part of last year's Pipex buyout, though it's still talking to the networks about which lucky operator gets to carry Toucan customers. Toucan Mobile was part of Pipex, and currently runs on T-Mobile's network. That contract is up for renewal within the next 12 …


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Another EasyMobile?

an MVNO with under 1 million customers.

My money says it won;t last 18 months

I used to be a customer of an MVNO (Virgin), the service was ok but when I had tech problems they were useless so I switched to O2 who are much better on all fronts,


We have enough mobile telephony .....

There is no competition left in mobile telephony, unless Tiscali are planning on giving it away. Minutes packages are sufficiently bulky that lots of people simply do not go over their allowances.

Stupendous profits are made on SMS text messaging and we are beginning to see reasonable packaging or flexibilty (i.e. T-Mobile's Flext) although some (Vodafone) are still mean as a Dickensian Scrooge with these right now.

What is needed though is a mobile offering that can meet fixed line broadband head on. And as of yet there is no mobile operator quite in that space, although some are getting closer (T-Mobile [again] and 3 to name but two). Again, the biggies (Vodafone, O2 and Orange) in that order are tight as the proverbial virgin sphincter [as one would imagine] in that respect. The mobile data market is being purposely held down by punitive pricing.

Tiscali, if they want to make an impact and not be another easyMobile (yes, I was one of their 25ish customers) need to disrupt the mobile broadband space. That really is where the next great battle for profit is. The first to truly be disruptive will make a name for themselves, as have T-Mobile and latterly 3 with their mobile data packages. If Tiscali cannot do that then we'll be seeing them on the same shelf as all the other MVNOs, minority and barely surviving in that space.

Joke Alert icon selected because surely yet another voice MVNO is nothing more than that.

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