back to article Chambers number 2 walks out of Cisco

Cisco number two Charles Giancarlo, who was widely tipped to become the firm's next CEO, has resigned. The network giant said yesterday that a rejig of the organisation's business was underway to shift from a "command and control" structure to a team-led approach. Cisco CEO John Chambers said that he had hired a group of …


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Anonymous Coward

teamwork and collaboration.

Aren't they taking this telepresence stuff a mite too seriously?

Silver badge

The Cisco Kid Rides again ...... Kemo Sabe

"teamwork and collaboration." ...... Essential for multi-core, multi-hyperthreaded Signals Processing for Root Routing...... Source Code Distribution. A Perfect Fit for Cisco Purpose.

Apache Scout/Black Watch Territory at the Control and Commend Beta AIResearch dDevelopment Level/GUI. Real SMARTer TEMPEST Incestuous Enabling via Semantic Quantum Linking of Libraried Serial Parallel Assets.

RNADNA Quantum Communications fronting Alien Contact and ITs Sublime Genitive Generative Contracts? A Rhetorical Question, of course.

Bravo, Cisco, that is an orderly succession unhindered by execs instability. Top dog input without the tail wasting control.

And what is the Route Master Plan for Root Sourcing, Cisco? I Kid U Not.

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