back to article TJX settles with banks over credit card breach

Retailer TJX has reached a settlement with all but one of the seven banks and bankers' associations that sued it after a security breach put millions of customers' credit data at risk of fraud. Under the agreement the Massachusetts Bankers' Association, Connecticut Bankers' Association and Maine Association of Community Banks …


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What the hell?

$40.9m payout for a confirmed loss of 45.7m people's records?

There you have it, folks. Your identity is worth roughly 45 pence.


Total crap - public not informed

I think TJ Maxx should be forced into mentioning their incompetence on their TV adverts and other advertising, maybe a little boxout like the tobacco firms had to do, something like 'leave your credit cards at home - bring cash'.

But wait a minute, no, we're talking about peoples money, not their health. Its okay then!

Its only fair to keep consumers aware of what kind of people they are dealing with and despite El-Reg's coverage, the vast majority of TJ shoppers I would wager didn't even hear about it.

I wonder what the results would be if a survey was taken of all TJ shoppers.

A-Would they even be aware of the incident at all?

B-Would they still shop there?


Good point there Ash.

Gates Horns

Punters at TJX

I went to a meeting at TJX, they were a bunch of cheap SOBs. Always saying how "comfortable" they were with the risk of not having an IDS in place. THey said "we sell blouses, not nuclear missiles"

I would love to have been a fly on their wall when they found out they were severely hacked.

Anonymous Coward


I think the bastards on their board should be tarred, feathered and have all of their personal property confiscated, sold and given back to the people who were scammed by their ineptitude.

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