back to article Invisio G5 'world's smallest' Bluetooth headset

Danish company NextLink may claim its Invisio G5 is the world's smallest Bluetooth headset - it's certainly one of the tiniest we've seen - but if you think the brandname means no one's going to spot you're wearing one, think again. However, we're getting ahead of ourselves - beyond its size, the G5 has some other neat touches …


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Black Helicopters


You mention that all headsets you have ever tried/reviewed are tinny and dont sound as good as having the phone next to your ear.

I suggest you try the Jawbone.

I bought into the marketing hype of this phone "Developed for the US military with state of the art noise reduction" etc. I gave the headset to my partner who used it on long motorway journeys, and her car is pretty noisy. Each time she called, I had to ask where she was, all I could hear was her voice with no background noise.

She also reported that the earpiece also blocks out amplification of background noise, thus when I was talking to her, she could hear me more clearly too.

Give it a review ... see what you think!

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