back to article Intel readies 16GB SSD for UMPCs

Chip giant Intel has begun sampling a solid-state drive (SSD) designed for handheld devices. The product's known in the trade as 'a stack of Flash chips'. The Z-P140, as the module's known, connects to the host handheld via a parallel ATA link, but it doesn't follow any standard hard drive form-factor. Two versions are on …


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Flash limits

"the limits Flash places on the number of times a given memory cell can be written to"

AFAIK, they're up to 1m+ rewrites per cell if it's based on NAND cells. I also recall seeing details released about the drives that says they incorporate algorithms to spread out the re-writes across the drive to save this becoming a problem in the short to medium term.

Coupled with the fact that no-one should be relying on a single drive I doubt there's that big of a problem.



Would you be willing to buy a chip with the word PANIC (thinly disguised) emblazoned across the front ? I fear that's not a warning but a smug statement of facts....

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