back to article Sun spikes Java IDEs

Sun Microsystems is finally giving up building its own Java integrated tools suites after a long and painful slog. Development of Sun Java Studio Creator, launched amid much hype three years ago as the new force in visual-drag-and-drop, interface development, and the stately Studio Enterprise are to be discontinued, the …


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"No word on Sun Studio for C.."

Other sources quote Sun Studio as staying for sure, which makes sense as it is vital for the OpenSolaris project.


Another year, another confusing name for C compiler

What will it be called in '08?

No, really sir, it's the same "cc", just a completely different name.


Sun ONE studio

Java studio creator


Confusing between IDE and Compilers

Sun Studio Compilers (C, C++ and Fortran) are well and fine and reports of its death are greatly exaggerated.

In fact, adoption of these Compilers has improved considerably by some metrics.

I think this particular discussion is about IDEs. Sun Studio IDE is based on Netbeans CDP (aka, C/C++ Developers Pack). This pack is rolled into the "base platform" which makes it more language-neutral (ie. not just Java. Netbeans also supports JRuby/Ruby on Rails and dynamic scripting, etc).

Dont mix up compilers with this IDE story.


PS. Its not the story that creates this confusion; just the comments. Hence the clarification

This topic is closed for new posts.


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