back to article Cisco to get API-happy

Cisco has confirmed plans to open up its holy of holies: it'll let third parties develop applications for the Internetwork Operating System (IOS), the software leg of its cash cow router business. According to Network World, the move is being driven by Cisco's desire to see more applications run over the network, and be …


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About 10 years ago, Cisco made an attempt to re-engineer IOS to become something aproaching a modern OS (called IOS-NG). The project over ran budgets, and timescapes, and eventually just ran into the sand, after costing millions of dollars (although part of it did turn up on the BFR/HFR). How much more likely is this attempt to succeed?

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They spun off Ayrnetworks to do this for them 7 years back, but they chose the wrong platform to do that. Linux was the wrong choice to do this as it is a licensing nightmare for high end routing applications.


IOS-NG and the competition

I think the IOS-NG project eventually resulted in IOS-XR which runs on the _really_ highend platforms lack the CSR-1 (

As for API's, I guess this was pretty inevitable, Juniper was moving to do it and in the Switch space Extreme have been doing it for a while in XOS... though how well remains to be seen >80)

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