back to article McKinnon extradition drama turned into radio play

The plight of accused Pentagon hacker Gary McKinnon has become the subject of a radio play due to air on the UK's Radio 4 on Wednesday afternoon.The play, due to air at 2.15pm will tell the story of McKinnon's fight against extradition to the US. McKinnon is fighting against extradition to the US on hacking offences after …


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Hacking is not something I would have expected to transpose well to radio...


*tap tap*

*tappy tap tap*

*clickety click*

*tap tap*

[sound of pages turning]



*tap tap*


...and so on.

Black Helicopters

Why is the USA even asking?

It is legal to kidnap British citizens because the US Supreme Court says so. It's true that the legality of torturing such people is due for review from the same court, but for now the CIA will be able to torture the Scot with impunity.

And be honest - the British government will do nothing to stop America from kidnapping and torturing British citizens if that would mean they are no longer America's favourite.

As for Cowards amusing post, I think adding half an hour of screaming followed by another half hour of silence would serve to convey the drama of CIA torture and the "somewhat reserved and never outspoken" British response to American human rights violations.

Anonymous Coward

He's a terrorist

"in what US authorities have described as the "biggest military" computer hack ever"

He hacked the 'biggest military', so in a way he did the 'biggest military' computer hack, and in a way this also makes his a terrorist: Terrorism Act 2000, recognises a new threat from cyberterrorists who "seriously interfere with or seriously disrupt an electronic system".

Did he not seriously interfere with their Dilbert surfing and eBay orders? He interfered with their daily Dilbert so he's a terrorist by this definition!

Now we get all this namby pamby judicial process.

The Judges are friends of terrorist. We have 28 day detention without charge for a reason, it's because we need to be able to keep people without issuing charges so those terrorist loving judges don't go letter them go free!

They have the right not to answer questions, and if they haven't answered our questions within 28 days they must have something to hide so we need to keep them in jail longer to not answer our questions!

We need to increase that to 46 days because if we wouldn't keep someone for 28 days unless they were evil, and you wouldn't release an evil person would you?

Look at the USA, it had really really evil people locked up for 1800 days or more. They must be evil because the USA has had them locked up for 1800+ days!

So why don't we just put aside this judicial stuff, extend our detention without trial to a good round figure, say 10000 days, and lock him up here instead. Save on the flight.

Or are you a terrorist too?



"causing an estimated $700,000 worth of damage"

I expect to see that kind of nonsense repeated in the newspapers, but not in the Reg! McKinnon's hacking [as with nearly all curiosity-based rather than fraud-based hacking] caused $0 of damage - the $700,000 is the cost of making the site as secure as it should have been in the first place...



Don't they know this is the 21st century? My attention span is way too brittle for radio, I'll wait for the animated series. what most of the country are saying. I'll honestly try to give this a listen, it's bound to be extremely insightful, accurate and gripping. I'm confident it is because it's been shoved onto Radio 4, safely far away from where a significant number of the populace might listen to it.


$700,000 to remove software

$700,000 to remove the Remote Anywhere software he installed? Am I thinking of the right hack here? Which contracting firm did they use? I want to work for them!

10,000 Days in the fire is long enough. You're going home...

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