back to article Spinning, flashing Linux logo droid comes to UK

What gift do you give the Linux nut who has everything? Why, a programmable Linux mascot droid that spins around on its rump, that's what. Tux Droid Tux Droid: it squawks! It lights up! It codes Perl! The ersatz felt-covered Tux is wireless and radio-controlled, courtesy of a fish-styled IR pick up and 2.4GHz transmitter …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    The ersatz felt-covered Tux is wireless

    So its particularly difficult to control from a linux based pc then :)

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I prefer... Linux Penguin Loo Brush Holder.

  3. TeeCee Gold badge
    Thumb Down

    Put another way.

    Gut the innards from a warehouse full of unsold Nabaztags(tm)*, stuff 'em into penguin suits and flog to sad geeks.

    *'cos there aren't enough rabbit-loving drooling idiots in the world, that's why.

  4. Edward Rose

    Come again?

    So it has an IR pick up, and a 2.4 GHz Tx for the PC. Can someone please clarify whether this wee little beastie is IR, RF or both.

    Oh, and radio controlled is wireless. I might just be a little picky here, and I assume it uses both technologies, but a more clear piece of tech info there would be good.

  5. Anton Channing

    I like GNU/Linux...

    ...and this product is kinda cute(*), but seems a tad over priced for what it is if you ask me.

    (*) Albeit somewhat nerdy and gimmicky at the same time.

  6. Daniel
    Dead Vulture

    recoil in fear, Gates!

    The end is nigh!

  7. Leu

    more info

    He does have both an IR sensor (for the remote control - like a tv one) and he connects to your machine through wireless (via dongle).

    Lot more information available at his site

  8. andy rock

    RE: I like GNU/Linux...

    "seems a tad over priced for what it is if you ask me."

    give it a couple of weeks, look on ebay. ;-)

  9. A J Stiles

    Mac and Windows users

    Mac and Windows users could easily use this thing, if they wanted.

    You said the software was Open Source. So all Mac and Windows users have to do is compile it for their platforms! I'm guessing the Windows C compiler has some sort of flashy GUI where you just drag-n-drop a makefile and it does the rest for you. And Macs are just Unix workstations, so they'll just use GCC.

  10. Edwin
    Gates Halo

    At last!

    A bit of hardware without WINDOWS support!

  11. Tim

    Windows version

    I can just imagine the Windows version being a toy Bill Gates that spins around on it's rump.


    Maybe the Mac version is a Steve Jobs that if introduced to the Bill droid it will beat him up.

  12. Ethan Grammatikidis

    DnD Makefiles?

    I don't think the shiny and mighty IDEs of Windows stoop so low as to use Makefiles.

    I would suggest that it might be compiled with cygwin, but I suspect the dongle requires a kernel module for True Incompatibility.

  13. Paul

    Windows version

    The Windows version is a little Steve Ballmer bot which destroys some of your furniture every time you do a search on Google, and makes threatening noises any time the word "Linux" appears on a web page. Even better, fire up Visual Studio and it breaks out into a profuse sweat, spinning around on it's rump and repeating the word "developers" over and over.

    Of course it's incompatible with Mac and Linux. Sheesh, do you even have to ask?

    Coat. Bloody cold out.

  14. Anonymous Coward

    Mac Version

    It's a two parter... The BSD Daemon having demeaning things done to him by a Jobs doll. Bastards bastardized my favorite BSD! And not in the good BOFH bastardly way.

  15. Charlie Clark Silver badge
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    € 79 ( £55) at

    And it doesn't do Perl, it does Python! :-D A real geek's toy though my mate says his two-year old thinks it's ace.

  16. Martin Owens

    We have one

    There is a primary school up here in Boston that has one; it's programmed to greet the students and the teacher brings it to installfests so we can have it greet people and have to play with python.

  17. ben edwards

    Oh, that's not nice

    After years of crying about a lack of Linux support, someone goes out and makes a product that deliberately supports only Linux? Where's the hypocrisy nazis now?

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