back to article AMD DisplayPort graphics card spied on web

AMD's anticipated DisplayPort-supporting graphics chip, 'RV635', has appeared on the web on a card that sports said next-gen digital monitor connector, along with HDMI and DVI portage. The card was obtained and snapped by, which describes it as an RV635 XT. As we've noted before, AMD's decision to drop such …


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HDMI port

Whoever designed the HDMI connector must have been suffering from a real bad hangover. considering the the girth required for a decent cable and the weight of said cable, they continually fall out if you move the device.

This is very very annoying if it is difficult to get to the back of your device (like in a tv cabinet). Gefen do provide a screw holder at the top of their cables but they are the only company I have seen that support this.

WHY!!!!! even the old vga cables allow you to attach them securely. I would never use HDMI between computer and monitor without a lot of gaffer tape to hold the damn thing on......

End of rant.

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