back to article Acute virus outbreak hits Tristan da Cunha

The inhabitants of remote Tristan da Cunha are awaiting urgent medical supplies after succumbing to an unspecified acute virus outbreak which has caused "severe breathing problems" in many of the island's 275 citizens. According to the BBC, the UK's Falmouth Coastguard is coordinating an international operation to get the …


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Anonymous Coward

I think we may have just hit a time bubble

SARS anyone?

IT Angle

sounds like a lucky escape!

The Explorer was apparently supposed to stop there for a while, it sank, therefore a lucky escape from what could have caused a possible pandemic virus!

Quarantine ensues... best get out the gingham dress and Mr Flibble!


My wife is from Tristan

We got married there in 2002

I heard this on the news at 7am and wondered about it!!

I called my Mother in Law and she confirmed the problem

they are at least asking for help in advance of a major outbreak

I've just done an interview on the BBC regarding the outbreak

they'll be fine


the rest of the reports

reports coming in of these virus victims rising from the dead and apparently eating the flesh of their victims....

or is everyone blind?

In the movies, it *always* starts like this!

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