back to article Latest QuickTime Exploit targets both Macs and PCs

A US-based security researcher has published a single piece of code that can remotely compromise both PCs and Macs as long as they are running Apple's QuickTime media player. The exploit is at least the fourth to target a newly discovered security flaw in the way QuickTime interacts with servers that stream audio and video. Up …


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Ahh, the warm, cozy feeling!

After discovering that installing quicktime, even if you deselect the "bundle with iTunes" means getting iTunes the first chance the AppleUpdate has, I've learned to live without quicktime, and I don't miss it one bit.

Remind me again why the iFanbois always seems to think that "Apple-labelled" equals "secure"?



Quicktime? Who uses Quicktime?

There's Quicktime Alternative for playing all those quicktime format files.

No idea if this is vulnerable to the same exploit but I doubt it.


Damn MacOS

Would never let Itunez or QT anywhere near my PC but comes preinstalled with MacOS.

Another huge patch then to download soon methinks.

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"unleashes a payload" ... hmmm.


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Anonymous Coward

Thanks Apple

To me it seems Apple has the ability to make more computers vulnerable than just Microsoft by itself. So, think about that for a minute. After all isn't it Apple that codes Quicktime/iTunes and codes Mac OS X? Do you think they say to themselves let us be more diligent and competent with Mac OS X? They are beginning to be a regular bug factory.

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Jobs Horns

Agree with who uses Quicktime?

I have to pay extra to watch something in fullscreen and it doesn't support all the codecs? Steve Jobs, you are a tosspot but a rich one.

Thank fuck for OpenVLC which works wonderfully and looks great on Mac OS X - remote control included.

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