back to article Promiscuous Transitive beds Hitachi's boxes and sales folk

Transitive - the king of server software promiscuity - has signed on with Hitachi America to move Solaris/SPARC software over to x86- and Itanium-based servers. The Hitachi deal includes a sales and marketing angle. So, the vendors will team to push Transitive's QuickTransit software at you in tandem with Hitachi's …


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Leaves shoots and eats

"Gets around Transitive beds Hitachi's boxes and sales folk" - can anyone parse this phrase please ?

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Why would we want to?

The old paradigm that SUN was going to nail you at ever turn is all but gone these days. Solaris, sorry RH, is less expensive to maintain. I'm sure the NUX fans will quickly point out that there are free alternatives but enterprises want assurances not some 17 year old updating components from his mom's basement.

I guess it is tit for tat with the virtual moves that people like to do and to some this tool makes sense. I hope IT managers who are considering a move from sparc to X86/Itanic really understand the ramifications of going down that path.

The original press release said talked about "Industry Standard" Itanic as a target platform option. How much weight can you put on a partnership of companies that think or promote the notion that Itanic is an industry standard.

I guess i shouldn't be too worried; Hitachi servers are soooooo relevant.

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