back to article Toshiba and NEC reaffirm 32nm chip marriage

Toshiba and NEC are forging ahead with plans to jointly develop manufacturing technology for 32 nanometer chips to better compete with rivals. The two giants plan to embark on their joint efforts as early as the start of 2008, with mass production beginning in 2010. In July, rumors circulated of a pact between the Japanese …


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Anonymous Coward

32 vs 65 nM

Everyone knows the vi editor works better in small places, whereas emacs needs big real-estate to work properly. Therefore I expect that the move to 32 nM will finally put an end to that silly silly piece of software called emacs.

This is good, and godly, because vi is certainly the Chosen and Blessed Editor. Emacs, as all honest and right-thinking people know, is the - at least spiritual - equivalent of malevolence. Emacs users are at best - if they are forced to used it - existing in a very grey and ambiguous ethical arena.

I look forward to the day when vi triumphs over emacs. It will be the end of the world as we know it, the start of a new era, and it will happen in approx 2010.

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You're still using paper teletype then?

console or GUI, I prefer a screen editor.

I gave up vi & emac style editors shortly after changing from Punched Cards to 8" floppies.

Maybe with 32nm we will get some useful SoC rather than ever more power hungry CPUs that need 5 nanoWales of chips



No, it was just a troll.

Consider touch screens and handwriting recognition: is that a return to paper teletype.

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