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Nokia has decided satellite navigation is where it’s at. The Finnish phone giant released its first GPS-enabled mobiles this year, and is promising a whole heap more for 2008. And its multi-billion dollar purchase of map supplier Navteq leaves no doubt how seriously Nokia is taking sat nav. The pertinently-monikered 6110 …


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Battery life

Everyone moans about battery life when using the GPS, it's the backlight that kills the battery not the GPS. Leave the backlight on full blast on any phone and it will discharge fast.

Use the option to dim the display between instructions, it lasts for ages then.

I have a Tomtom one v3 as well as a 6110, the Tomtom has 2 hours battery life, so I don't see the point about battery life being poor on this?


Bloody expensive maps

If you should desire to get all of Europe, it will set you back 8 x 50 Euro.

This adds up to a grand total of 400 Euro, and the same set of maps can be purchased as a complete pack for just 120 Euro from Route 66 if you buy them for any other phone.

Route66 even claim that the regular software won't run on the 6110, so this sweet phone is bait for expensive maps down the road.

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I own this phone

The battery is only a problem when you're steaming audio over bluetooth and have the gps functions on. It'll last you only a few hours like that, but the only time I ever opperate the phone like that is in the car where it can be charged. Out and about, it's never run flat on me and I always leave the bluetooth on anyway.

Yeah, the camera is only average and the phone comes with a load of junk on it you can't delete, but you can move the stuff you don't want into a folder somewhere.

The only real downside to this phone, is the lens cover is difficult to open.

PS I got mine from vodafone for £40 as a regrade on my contract. All in, I think a very good phone at an outstanding price.

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N6110 / N95

It's a pity they didn't implement standard gps interface. Although I can load tomtom, it won't find the GPS, I can use a bluetooth one, but defeats the object.

Route 66 is poor by comparison. I'm sticking with my N series until there is something better, like the Orbit, but with a decent camera.


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Vodafone PAYG?

Is there any point in getting a phone like this sim free to use on a PAYG network?

Which functionality can I expect to lose? Can I use 3G etc? I mostly crave the GPS for pedestrian mode so I don't get lost all the time and don't like contracts.

The lack of Wifi is a sore point too... Any chances Nokia have something up their sleeves to address this point any time soonish?

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