back to article Singapore allows sale of 'lesbian' video game

Singapore’s authorities have relented and reversed their decision to ban Xbox 360 game Mass Effect because it contains a steamy girl-on-girl love scene. The country’s Media Development Authority (MDA) originally banned the game because it felt that a scene where a human woman and female alien kiss and caress each other was too …


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  1. Andy Worth

    Well imho

    We don't need the extreme violence of Manhunt2 in our society (or games) but girl on girl love should be encouraged as much as possible.

    Just my opinion of course ;)

  2. Tom

    No it doesn't

    The fact that they banned it due to homosexual content, and then reversed that decision does not in any way support the reversal of the decision to ban manhunt. Manhunt was banned due to its graphic depiction of violence, which most people would agree is somewhat different to a girl-on-alien-girl kiss, especially when judged against the values of this society.

    Just to spell it out: We all want more gratuitous sex, but don't want more gratuitous violence, okay?

  3. James

    Guys, you're getting it all wrong

    Remember, it's OK to show shoot-outs and beatings. It's the three-second glimpse of Janet Jackson's flabby left bap that's caused the moral decline of America.

  4. BoldMan

    What are you smoking? Seriously?

    This bears no relationship to the Manhunt decision in any way. What drugs are you smoking when you seem to believe an offscreen lesbian encounter is comparable with constant remorseless sadistic torture and murder?

    Try getting some perspective please...

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    Excellent reason to un-ban!

    "Singapore’s authorities have relented and reversed their decision to ban Xbox 360 game Mass Effect because it contains a steamy girl-on-girl love scene."

    Well, if ever there was a reason to unban a bit of software, that's a damn good reason!

  6. Chris Collins

    Combine the two?

    Could Rockstar change all the characters in manhunt 2 to lesbians, thus changing it to a discrimination situation. They could even throw in some bean flicking to increase the game's appeal.

  7. Alan Parsons
    Paris Hilton


    Err.. Pics/Footage -? anyone?

  8. BoldMan

    @Alan Parsons

    I have a project for you... click on the link in the article to the previous new item and it has a video clip of the "offending" scene.

    I'm off for some more tales of mystery and imagination...

    <coat="on" door="exit">

  9. Jacob Reid
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    Well, another victory against censorship. FFS, if people don't want to see something they they shouldn't buy it, maybe shops should just enforce age ratings instead, so under 18s need to be at least slightly intelligent to get 'unsuitable' games.


    @chris: great idea! also, maybe if GTA:SA's 'hot coffee' mod had two women then it would have been OK.

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