back to article TomTom tackles traffic jams in HD

Vodafone subscribers driving through the Netherlands may soon find themselves helping TomTom customers beat traffic jams, following the satnav specialists unveiling of the TomTom One XL HD Traffic navigation unit. TomTom_HD_traffic TomTom's One XL HD: traffic updates provided via Vodafone The company claims its service uses …


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So if you want clear roads, buy a few thousand vodaphone mobiles, leave them on in the back of your car and everyone else will avoid the area thinking that it is heavily congested!

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So what ever happened to TomToms Car Connect

Like a fool I purchased the TomTom 910 15mths ago based on some of the good features it had nbut also that it would work with it's soon to be launched bluetooth car connect unit.

This fantastic unit would be permanenetly wired into the car stereo and allow make use of the standard telephone mute function to pipe telephone calls, route directions, audio being played on the TomTom or an iPod being controlled by the TomTom. The TomTom itself would link to the Car connect unit via bluetooth allowing easy removal of the prortable unit.....

Unfortunately it went from available Q4 2006, to Q1 2007, to disappearing completely.....

I'm not likely to buy from TomTom again......

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