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If skinny stuff does it for you, be it spray-on jeans, slim-line coffee or even soccer players, you're going to like the Pentax Optio M40. In fact, it’s so slender, you'll want to sit it down at a table and give it a good nourishing meal. Measuring just 18mm front to back, the Optio M40 is easy to slip it into a pocket and …


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Kinda disagree....

.... got one of these for my missus as a general camera (she doesn't like using any of my SLR's).

I must admit as a happy-joe-click-all camera it fairs fine, if you have this camera for simply just taking a fairly decent shot then it's great. Most Joe Public's don't even know that the orange glow isn't actually supposed to be there so in terms of it's quality in low-level light conditions, I don't think it fails that miserably. Obviously if you know it shouldn't be there and you find the quality in low-light to be poor, your also obviously someone that should have a better camera from the start.

All in all I would have ranked the score maybe another 5% or so higher (this coming from someone who carries around a 350D all the time as play camera).

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