back to article S Korea joins hunt for stuff with frikkin' laser beams on it

South Korea plans to join the exclusive club of nations possessing battlefield raygun technology, according to reports at the weekend. AFP reported that a joint gov/biz team is said to be at work on a "mobile truck-mounted laser weapon capable of destroying North Korean missiles and artillery shells". A South Korean fridge A …


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  1. Geoff Johnson
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    Laser proof.

    Nice to see you've chosen a silver fridge to help deflect any enemy lasers.

  2. Anonymous Coward
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    Old technology

    It's funny how old technology always comes back around... many years ago (before the internet was popular), bull electronics had for sale (advertised in electronics magazines) lasers which were intended to be mounted in tank barrels, apparently capable of destroying buildings very effectively from a good distance.

    I seem to remember that they were reasonably priced as well, but I was a poor student at the time so couldn't afford one.

    They came with a 3W targetting laser as well I believe.

    Note: there was no drive circuitry, so they weren't being sold as weapons!

    I've got no idea how usable they were, but seeing as they didn't catch on at the time I expect they were difficult to handle, possibly because they would destroy a building along with anything the other side of it!

    Still, nice to know that the americans and now the koreans are re-using our old ideas! That sort of re-use surely fits in with someones 'green' plan!

    Now, the real question is: why choose a picture of a fridge, surely you could have dug out the asus eee-pc picture again, or better still a picture of Paris???

  3. Danny Traynor


    I laughed rather heartily at this article. Also, I think a fridge mounted laser could be a fantastic invention. Just let someone try and steal my beer!


  4. Rupert Fiennes Bronze badge

    Artillery defense weapons already actually sucessfully tested

    Actually Lewis, THEL has already been tested against artillery shells and rockets. I daresay the laser is a chemically pumped monster that's only semi-mobile, but I daresay something like that would suit Israeli towns near Gaza just fine

  5. Andrew Bolton
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    Amazing. You managed a 2nd hand PH link too!

    The top story on the English Chosen Ilbo link was about PH! Fantastic second-hand linking :)

    And I'm disappointed that instead of a fridge, you could have posted the picture of PH in a Hanbok (traditional Korean dress, apparently). That would be just as much of a useful link as a fridge. In fact more so, as PH would be more useful in destroying battefield artillery as a fridge would ("just walk over these metal saucer shaped things, would you Paris?")

  6. Lewis Page (Written by Reg staff)


    Actually I'd heard of MTHEL/THEL. It is chemical, and thus huge and unwieldy. It's also my understanding that there's a bit of an issue with rate of fire/ammo supply. Eg, you need tons of exploding, corrosive hazmat chemicals as well as all the unwieldy laser kit. And all this (usually) for the purpose of knocking down very cheap Katyushas which come in large numbers. The enemy will be able to bankrupt you (or overwhelm you and perhaps blow up your billion dollar laser in addition to whatever it was guarding) fairly easily.

    The Yanks seem to be pretty much saying now that they won't use chem-lasers for ground units, and even the Israelis don't know if they can be bothered.

  7. Anonymous Coward

    I don't believe

    in line of sight,ground based, anti-ballistic lasers, in the real world of hills, trees, and buildings, but let them waste their money.

  8. lglethal Silver badge
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    @ I dont believe

    umm as ballistic missiles tend to be fired high into the air, im not so sure hills, trees or buildings are a big issue unless of course you set up your defence laser inside a forest building or deep deep valley. Most intelligent people would set up said laser on TOP of the hill where things like hills, trees and buildings are not as big a problem...

    But then again we cant all be clever boffins can we...

  9. Anonymous Coward

    @I don't believe

    So I guess you also don't believe in line of sight, ground based, anti-aircraft guns?

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