back to article Foreign Office web security failed Data Protection Act, says info office

The Foreign Office has promised (pdf) to keep data safer in future, after its website exposed the details of those seeking visas for entry into the UK. An investigation by the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) found a breach of the Data Protection Act. The ICO investigated the security breach that affected the UKvisas …


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Why is this seen as a surprise?

As an Aussie who's had multiple dealings with the Home Office this sort of thing does not surprise me in the least!

I personally have when trying to obtain a confidential document from the Home Office had to either send a letter or fax (email not allowed, not even a pdf of the original letter) to the Home Office with only a reference number and my signature needed for confirmation that i the sender of the letter/fax is who i say i am. On top of this 3 times they've sent the confidential document to me by unregistered post! And all 3 copies have been "lost" in the mail!!! I am now up to attempt number 4 to obtain my document! I dont hold out any hopes that this one will be any more successful!

I am probably also now the proud owner of a substantial credit card debt, bank loan, etc in Nigeria but we'll have to wait and see about that!


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