back to article Cyber-jihad fails to materialise

A much hyped cyber-jihad by Islamist s'kiddie hackers on Western websites failed to materialise on Sunday. The SANS Institute's Internet Storm Centre reports that 11 November passed off normally. So Bruce Willis, fresh from a cinematic outing battling cybergeddon in Die Hard 4pointless.0 can hang up his miraculous colour- …


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shite websites should be banned

I for one support attacks on all shite web sites, and I am not even a muslim.

I'll get my coat :)


Makes me Laugh

Gotta say, I find the whole concept of "Cyber-Jihad" hilarious. Maybe in poor taste, but still. They seem to be years behind with regard to technology and It's no real surprise that nothing happened if that's the best these cyber-warriors can do.

Might as well just get them all to do a ping -t to Google, they'd probably do more damage.

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"and its IP address continues to point to"

I'm going to take over my router?

Too late mateys, BT already cause things to run slow.


Oh Shit!! -- that's the address of my server at home!

*posted anonymously to avoid ridicule


dammit you gave away the plot...

and here's me waiting for die hard 4.1 to see if they've made any improvements.

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Moonlight Maze for a new decade...

'Since "Electronic Pearl Harbor" has become a phrase of ridicule and derision, the fear-mongers are having a go at creating a new cyber boogeyman for scaring dollars and pounds out of the budget-keepers' grasps.


Someone wake me where there's actual news...


I think Al Qaeda and the CIA are still the same organization

This film goes into these connections. You can watch it for free


Ask Microsoft

Cyber-Jihad my arse. These guys havn't got a clue how to mess up the world's computers. If they were serious they would have consulted microsoft, who are the true experts in this field. In fact I often wonder if Bin Laden coded vista.

gOS, Linux and Apple pick up the pieces! The war on terror is in your court and time is short

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Dear Steven Foster you don't know how right you are

As a security analyst that decompiled this particular i give you a string dump

// File name: C:\Program Files\e-Jihad\e-Jihad.exe

// Created : 02.11.2007 23:21

// Type : Strings List

00405720: 'Download Initialized.',0000h

00405750: 'Synchronous Download Has Started.',0000h

00405798: 'Local Cache File Is Available.',0000h

004057DC: 'Connecting To Resource.',0000h

00405810: 'Download In Progress.',0000h

00405840: 'Download Complete.',0000h

0040586C: 'Synchronous Download Complete.',0000h

004058B0: 'An Error Has Occurred.',0000h

004058E4: 'Finding Resource.',0000h

0040590C: 'MIME Type Is Available.',0000h

00405940: 'Redirecting.',0000h

00405960: 'Sending Request.',0000h

00405988: 'Using Cached Copy.',0000h

004059B4: 'Unknown.',0000h

00405AFC: 'kernel32',0

00405B0C: 'CreateToolhelp32Snapshot',0

00405B60: 'Process32First',0

00405BA8: 'Process32Next',0

00405BF0: 'TerminateProcess',0

00405C3C: 'GetExitCodeProcess',0

00405CFC: 'OpenProcess',0

00405D88: 'CloseHandle',0

00405DD8: '\',0000h

00405DE0: 'ping.exe',0000h

00405DF8: 'ping',0000h

00405F28: 'advapi32.dll',0

00405F3C: 'RegCloseKey',0

00406060: 'RegOpenKeyA',0

004060A4: 'RegQueryValueExA',0

00406144: ' ',0000h

004063B8: '',0000h

00406414: 'targit',0000h

004064C8: '',0000h

0040651C: '&uname=',0000h

00406530: '*-*',0000h

0040653C: 'yours',0000h

00406598: 'Rong',0000h

0040660C: '',0000h

0040665C: 'jo-uf',0000h

0040667C: '',0000h

004066C0: 'jo-net',0000h

004066D4: 't35',0000h

004066E0: 'host',0000h

004066F0: '*',0000h

0040672C: ':',0000h

00406734: 'http://',0000h

00406748: '/',0000h

00406750: 'windir',0000h

00406764: '.bat',0000h

00406774: 'ping -t ',0000h

0040678C: ' -l ',0000h

0040679C: 0Dh,0Ah,0000h

004067A8: 'HNetCfg.FwMgr',0000h

004067D8: 'HNetCfg.FwAuthorizedApplication',0000h

0040682C: 'HNetCfg.FwOpenPort',0000h

00406868: 'Attacker',0000h

00406890: '.exe',0000h

0040689C: 'AuthorizedApplications',0000h

004068D8: '',0000h

0040691C: 'uname=',0000h

004069BC: 'Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings',0000h

00406A38: 'ProxyEnable',0000h

00406A54: '0',0000h

00406A5C: 'ProxyServer',0000h

00406A78: 'OPEN',0000h

00406A88: 'GET ',0000h

00406A98: ' HTTP/1.0',0000h

00406AB0: 'Accept: */*',0000h

00406ACC: 'Accept: text/html',0000h

00406AF4: 'Tam',0000h

00406B20: 'usernotfound',0000h

00406DC8: '',0000h

00406E08: 'logn=',0000h

00406E18: '&pss=',0000h

00406E28: 'login',0000h

00406E84: 'userautho',0000h

00406E9C: 'usernotautho',0000h

00406FF4: '\system32\rptjv.dll',0000h

004070A0: 'khgf&*(%gh&*(%IGU',0000h

004070C8: '',0000h

0040710C: 'nlogn=',0000h

00407120: '&npss=',0000h

00407134: '&invitedby=',0000h

00407150: 'new',0000h

0040715C: 'userfound',0000h

004071D8: 'noinvitedby',0000h

00407280: 'userentered',0000h

Anonymous Coward

Yeah yeah

Nothing like starting a false rumour in just the right place and watching the ripples. I bet the guy who startes this is laughing like a drain now!

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