back to article UK gov offers £100m for innovation

John Denham, Secretary of State at the Department of Innovation, Universities and Skills, yesterday launched a £100m fund for research and innovation. Businesses can bid for cash in eight categories. To help fight climate change there are categories for new materials to improve energy production, for lower energy lighting and …


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Real innovation

I've come up with a radical innovation that will contribute over £5bn to lower carbon technologies, high value manufacturing, new cell therapies and the rest.

Yes! FIVE BILLION QUID to fund new innovative technologies!

Simply scrap the ludicrously-expensive and largely ineffectual ID database/card white elephant (which, we read elsewhere in El Reg, will cost the UK an estimated £5.4bn).

OK, where do I apply for my funding?


good point

Makes somehting of a mockery of the scheme, and clearly shows where the Govt's priorities lie.

More concerned with knowing who you are, than in ensuring sustainability.

At least the names on our graves will be accurate.

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