back to article AMD readies 'stream processing' chip for HPC clan

Packed full of ATI goodness, AMD is continuing on with its push to move graphics processors into the co-processor realm for common high performance computing applications. The chip maker has pumped out it second generation stream processor. This time it's shifting focus from hardened developers to a broader HPC market — your …


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"Don't expect to be running Doom off this any time soon. Besides, you'd run a pretty fair risk of actually opening a portal to hell if you booted it up with this one."

Ooooh that made my day ... I haven't stopped laughing. On the other hand, this might actually be able to run Doom 3 in "Ultimate Mode", a configuration so high not even the top-notch GFX cards could cope with it back when Doom3 came out ...

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great another product

they won't be able to make enough of that we'll never see or use.

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'ang on a minute.

It's got a "modified" Graphics processor.

It plugs into a PCIe x16 slot - a graphics card interface.

It's got 2 Gig of GDDR3 - graphics memory.

Conclusion: It's a bloody graphics card with a badge on it.

You have to admire them though. Stuffing a bit of extra RAM on a $300 graphics card, putting it in a different box and flogging it for $2k requires a lot of brass neck.

You can see the Emperor's meat 'n two veg from here......


amd won't they ever learn

It is my opinion that all others share my opinion, "my opinion being that Intel as we all know has something in it's roadmap that will snooker anything amd has or ever will have to offer.

"OH MY!'

I hope my opinion doesn't make amd's stock fall!"

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