back to article Cray's Barcelona moment arrives with XT5 systems

Cray has taken a supercomputer-sized step toward its goal of providing multiple processor types in a single system with the introduction of its new XT5 line. Customers will soon find Cray selling the XT5 MPP (massively parallel processor) system and the XT5h or hybrid system. The standard XT5 systems are built around 8-socket …


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Priceless Assets

"In 2009, Cray plans another major upgrade with its "Baker" systems that will ship with a revamped, much higher performing interconnect."

Are we to assume/presume/look forward to it being upgraded to include higher performing, escape system technology ..... Assets Care and Disaster Retrieval ...Evacuation?

That would be Worth a bloody Fortune.


You got it all wrong...


This high performance interconnect is an upgrade to the toster function, and it will do your tost before you even relised you wanted tost - that is the future!


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