back to article Visual Studio 2008 release by end November, Sync Framework announced

Microsoft has announced that Visual Studio 2008 will be available to MSDN subscribers "by the end of November 2007". I'm a little disappointed not to find the RTM build here at Tech-Ed, but that's not long to wait. Along with Visual Studio we get .NET Framework 3.5. The package includes LINQ (Language Integrated Query), and …


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Another Beta for Industry to test?....I'll get my coat...

I'm hoping this won't be just another force of another latest greatest technology onto everyone driven by the marketing and sales arms of Microsoft.

I've been using their products to deliver system for the last 10 years and they never seem to get a product finished before it's deemed obsolete.

Yes, I earn my living using VS2005 but if it did as they say on the tin I'd spend more time relaxing rather that conjuring workarounds to incomplete/buggy technologies that yes, are miles better than 5 years ago, but don't quite deliver the promised article before being phased out.

I will not be using this product for any client work that my business reputation relies on until at least Service Pack 1 is rolled out....Probably November 2008...I learned the hard way by early adopting VS2005

The hardware suppliers must be rubbing their hands together for the impending upgrades required as the current range of 3Ghz Core 2, 2GB RAM PCs will just be too slow to run this Behemoth.

I just can't wait for all the "New and Shiny" guys in the office to tell me how great it is....and how we've all been doing it wrong for the last 20 years....

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