back to article MiFID: Financial borders fall but small firms must beware

Pan-European regulation of large sections of the financial services sector comes into force today, but the benefits of the system will largely pass smaller firms by, according to the British Banking Association (BBA). The Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID) is a European Union directive aimed at allowing …


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What on earth makes anyone think that they can regulate as in control anyone else creating wealth and money. It leaves them wide open to having their money taken away in thinking to control and regulate them for it reveals that they really ought to have known better and may not know enough or not nearly as much as they thought they did.

Rules in banking are always designed to stop money disappearing and never for creating money...... which is why they are always ignored by money makers. It is a very perverse love hate relationship between the blood sucking vampire of the Regulator and the Hosts it must entertain to Create its Life blood.

After all, good or bad, where does all the Money go for Laundering and never a word is said.

That scenario renders the Banking System as a Master Criminal Hiding in Full Sight Robbing Peter to Pay Paul whenever he is in fact holding all the Cards and Playing a Dumb Game Servering Dumb Games rather than Creating Life. Not very Bright, is it?

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