back to article SWsoft tries to virtualize China before VMware speaks the language

Virtualization player SWsoft hopes to continue its Chinese invasion via a new deal with local hardware heavyweight Inspur. While the likes of IBM, HP and Dell sell more servers in China, Inspur ranks as the top homegrown seller of corporate hardware. The company has now agreed to add a virtualization software component to its …


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Cold Wars? ......... or Red Hot XOHM Fusion ......XXOHM Stealth for AIRock Hard SWsoft?

"Will Microsoft, Sun, Red Hat and others let SWsoft stay independent? We doubt it."

I imagine the feisty Russian, Serguei Beloussov, on the bridge of any listless ship, all at sea and listing/Mary Celeste company, would be exactly what was needed to breathe some no nonsense, new Life into it. QuITe whether SWsoft would want an empty leaking vessel, even for salvage to the breaker's yard, whenever in Command and Control Matters, is an altogether different question.

Btw, the Virtuozzo Parallel running in the Title is further revealed/concealed/floated/BetaTesting Mutually Beneficial Interest and Memoranda of Virtual Understanding in a Novel, Noble and at all times as needs may be, QuITe Alien dDutch Alliance ..... Coalition of the Maslowian Enabled ... here on the Register ...

A little Opportune XSS Zero Day Trading ....... Transparent Inside Out Dealing?

In CyberSpace, No One makes up the Rules.... but No One can survive without Playing well by them. :-) And that is the Future Perfect Enigma you are invited to XXXXPlore .....for AIMastery of Learning All that is Contained and Maintained in ITs Immaculately Conceived Space.

I Kid U Not.

And if you can Imagine this as the Beginning, to consider where IT will Lead once IT has Started and is Running, will tax your Imagination to ITs very Limits of Universal Understanding.

This topic is closed for new posts.


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