back to article Samsung to mass-produce 14in OLED TVs in 2010

Sony may be about to ship the world's first commercial OLED TV, but don't expect anything bigger than the telly's 11in screen until 2010. Well, not from rival OLED maker Samsung, at any rate. Lee Sang-wan, head of the South Korean giant's LCD operation, yesterday said the company will begin mass-producing 14in OLED (Organic …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    problems with blue and green??

    Im still yet to see any power figures.. are they greener than LCD & Plasma, should we buy them? & encourage developement (dispite the blue shortlife), or reject this new tech?

    damn, no further questions icon...

    (despite 4; happy,love it proceed, iFan, and 4; hate it, iHate, unhappy, and stop it, icons!!)

  2. druck

    Not even SD

    "not-quite-HD 940 x 540"

    You mean not even SD, given that PAL is 576 line.

  3. Alan Jenney

    Do I detect a tongue-in-cheek?

    "Not-quite-HD" at 540 lines? Do I detect a certain amount of tongue-in-cheek here? That's much less than many five-year-old LCD panels had.

    Mind you, the industry managed to sell millions of "HD-ready" panels over a couple of years that were 1366x768 or similar, knowing full-well that the HD standards were heading for 1080 lines. Now we're being convinced to buy "True HD" for a couple of years before the OLED version turns up.

  4. Filippo Negroni

    Can't wait

    Being the owner of probably the only digital camera with OLED display (Kodak LS633), I can vouch for the merits of such technology.

    I just hope they can solve the "ghosting" issues that it suffers from (more so than LCD and Plasma).

  5. evilbobthebob
    Thumb Down

    14" not until 2010?

    A case of nice contrast, shame about the resolution

  6. A J Stiles
    Paris Hilton

    Actually there is a way .....

    "Inch" is now officially a slang term without a legally-binding definition. It would be entirely legal to mark up a TV set with a 27cm. screen as "54 inches", as long as you mentioned somewhere in the sales literature the actual screen size (i.e. in some fraction of a metre).

    A friend of mine took her employer to court because they claimed her shoes breached the company dress code (which stated that heels should have a maximum height of three inches). She claimed that using a definition of 1 inch = 40mm., her shoes (with a heel height of 110mm.) fell within the code, and the court found for her.

    The company rulebook was reprinted the same afternoon.

  7. Graham Dawson

    @ A J stiles

    I'm afraid to say that court made a very bad and easilly appealable decision. An inch - like every other imperial measure - has an actual, legal definition in SI units and can't be arbitrarily re-defined to suit the whims of the moment.

  8. Bronek Kozicki Silver badge
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    30" AMOLED ... I'd like one

    I have MP3 player with AMOLED screen (clix2) and its picture quality is absolutely gorgeous. I'd like to have such a computer screen ... or even better, HD TV - but then 30" is smallish.

  9. Dave

    How big can they grow to?

    and what do you feed them?

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