back to article IBM grabs London congestion charge deal

Transport for London has awarded IBM the contract to run its congestion charge scheme. The company won the deal from Capita, which has managed the scheme since it was introduced in 2002, at the end of a competitive tendering process in which Thales Alliance also took part. IBM will take over the role, including the relevant …


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Anonymous Coward

Shurely shome mishtake?

"A spokesperson for Transport for London (TfL) told GC News on 25 October 2007 that Capita convinced the organisation it could meet its operational and technical requirements while providing the best value."

Why did Capita lose the contract, then?


Wrong metrics

The charge may have reduced traffic levels but it certainly hasn't reduced congestion. It is time that metrics were set for TfL that match the goals of the congestion charge.(assuming of course that these goals are neither political nor emotional - which might be a bit of a stretch - d' ye ken?).

Average speed would probably suffice. London now resembles a third world city in that respect.

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@Why did Capita lose the contract, then?

There's a reason they're nicknamed "Crapita"...

Perhaps the people in charge of TfL read Private Eye and changed their minds.

Alternatively it could be that TfL don't *want* the scheme to be efficient and effective, because that would ultimately mean less revenue... nah.


Must be 1984.....

Big Blue is watching you!

I'll get me coat....


At last...

I travel into London once or twice a week, so have to pay for single days rather than a week or month at a time. The current website is appalling. For a start it is always having problems - I had to spend all of Monday trying to pay online, and it's half-term so it shouldn't exactly be overloaded! In the end I gave in and phoned them up. Even when you do manage to use it, it has obviously been cobbled together from all sorts of bits and pieces.

I hope IBM will produce a much better website. Having it automatically debit your card is something I have long wanted. It would be very simple to add, but Crapita won't do it because otherwise they wouldn't be able to fine so many people who forget!

Unfortunately the congestion tax is just another example of a system where there is no onus on the provider to give good customer service. The public have no choice but to pay it so why bother making it easy?

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